General FAQ
Q:    I was monitoring a WUnderground site with version 2.4 and it stopped working on February 26.
A:    The Wunderground API we use has broken.  We have a fix and are currently in test.  We expect to submit the binary to Apple on Sunday March 14th and it should be released a few days later.
The fix requires you to create an account on Wunderground, which many of you have.  Once you have an account, you need to create an API key and this key will be entered into the App preferences. Note that you will need a Personal Weather Station in order to create an API Key.

Q.   Where does the app store its database?
A.    You can easily export the database in Preferences under the Data tab. However, if you want to get access to the SQLite database used to store your raw weather information, go do:

AcuRite FAQ
Q:    I have an AcuRite 01025, 01036 or 02032 device.  Is there any configuration I need to do on the device to make it work?
A:    Yes.  The AcuRite 01025, 01036 and 02032 weather station display needs to be put in "USB Mode 4" before UnderTheWX can find it on your Mac's USB port.

Q:    How do I set the USB Mode on my 01025, 01036 or 02032 device?
A:    Follow these directions on your weather station display:
  1. Press the ““ or ““ buttons until “SET USB MODE?” is displayed in the middle bottom part of the display unit.
  2. Press the “” button to set the mode preference.
  3. Press the ““ or ““ buttons to select the USB mode.
  4. Press the “” button to confirm your selection. USB Mode is now set.

Q:    Which AcuRite devices is UnderTheWX compatible with?
A:    We keep adding device compatibility with each release.   Check the table below for the current status:

AcuRite ModelCompatibilityTesting StatusTesting Notes
 01025 Compatible TestedSet USB Mode 4
 01035 Unknown Not TestedSet USB Mode 4
 01036 Compatible Tested Set USB Mode 4
 01525 Unknown Not TestedSet USB Mode 4
 01536 Compatible - See Notes TestedThis model does not have a USB Mode setting, therefore the data log will eventually fill up.  Running the official AcuRite software periodically to clear the log on the display will be necessary.
 02032 Compatible TestedSet USB Mode 4
 02064C Compatible TestedNo setting required
 06037M Compatible TestedNo setting required

If you have any of the non-tested devices and have success with UnderTheWX, please let us know at

Q.    My weather station display unit periodically says "Data Logger Full".
A.    This can happen on your 01025, 01036 or 02032 device is set to USB Mode 3.  USB Mode 3 saves data in the display unit which is never retrieved by UnderTheTX.  If you set your device the USB Mode 4, the device only streams data to your Mac and no longer says "Data Logger Full".